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By Julia Jenkins, Aug 3 2016 10:07AM

It was a wonderful group of people who came along to the Sound& Gong Bath last night, amazing energy and such beautiful warm and open individuals.

There is something about the Gong and sound, it draws people together with love and openess, a celebration of life for the spiritual and the not so spiritual, as both find it to be an incredibly deep and effective way to switch off.

It is amazing what a little regular "switch off time" can do for you., it can give you space and take the sharp corners off life stresses. I jumped in the car this morning to go to an meeting in Kings Langley. but when I got there I found out the person I was meeting was not coming in to the office as a situation had arisen at home. Unfortunately, no one had let me know and my journey was wasted, but walking back to the car I managed to connect to the feeling from the Gong bath last night, all the lovely people, the calmness, the connection and I felt instantly balanced



"If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."

Maya Angelou