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How much do you charge?


Counselling                                                £50


Gong Bath Meditation (Group)       from  £15


Gong Bath Journey (Individual)               £50


Intro to Mindfulness (Individual)              £75


Mindfulness session (Individual)   from  £50


Prices for Mindfulness Courses, Corporate & Prices on application



How many sessions will I need?  How long will it take?


Even one session can be beneficial, but usually it takes from six to ten or more sessions to begin to bring about the type of change that you want to achieve.  Some of my clients don’t or can’t make long term commitment or have a clearer idea of what they want to work with, such as a loss or change of job.


I mainly work with clients who want open ended counselling, so the therapy can proceed at the client’s own pace.  This means there is time to develop deep insights and bring clarity to their issues and concerns.  Clients can continue in therapy for as long as they want, weeks, months   or years.


What are your work hours?


I work during the week, evenings and some weekends.


What happens at the first session?


A chance to introduce ourselves, discuss what you want from counselling and establish some mutually comfortable guidelines for our work together.  You will have the chance to tell me about yourself and what has made you seek out counselling. We will also discuss our therapeutic contract, including confidentiality, safeguarding and how often we will meet.


What’s the difference between talking to a friend and talking to a counsellor?


Seeking support and talking things through with a friend or family can be very helpful, but there can

be disadvantages in confiding in people who are close to you.  Perhaps they feel a conflict of loyalty or can’t keep things confidential.  They may feel upset about what you are sharing or experiencing

or offended if you don’t accept their advice.


As a Counsellor I work within the BACP Ethical Framework, I have done recognised training, have

a work structure with regular Supervision and this helps me listen to clients sharing about upsetting and difficult situations; friends may begin to feel overburdened, especially if they have their own problems too.


Counselling can provide you with private space to explore and talk through the problems and issues you are experiencing.  Counselling offers non-judgemental, empathetic support, no matter what your story.


I think I need counselling, but what would I talk about?


You can talk about anything you want to, at your own pace and there is no pressure to jump in and reveal anything uncomfortable.  Counselling can help you understand yourself better, find out what is really going on and work out what you want to do.   When you learn about yourself and explore your feelings, your confidence grows and you develop new coping strategies to help you live a happier and more successful life.

What is Sound and Gong Therapy?


Sound Therapy is an application of sound to the body with an intention of promoting relaxation and wellbeing.  Sound has been used for thousands of years to help soothe, calm and restore balance and harmony.

The pure and complex layers of sounds from the gong produce a huge range of harmonies and unique vibrations which quickly and effectively bring about deep relaxation.


What happens at a Gong or Sound Bath?


A wonderful and often unforgettable experience for anyone who wants the world to slow or stop for a short while so they can recharge and de stress in a totally safe and secure environment.  


Most people lie for the Gong Bath, usually on a mat on the floor, wrapped in blankets.   The room is normally dimly lit, but not in darkness.  Eye pillows are available, if required, to bring instant calm and can help heighten your experience and the sense of sounds.  You remain fully clothed and there is no water involved!


The first steps begin with some deep relaxed breathing, slowing down the mind and the body. What follows could be a singing bowl or another instrument, all depending on each Gong Bath, but all combining to promote a deep sense of inner peace and helping you connect with your own inner harmony.  


It is true to say that everyone will have their own experience and every session is different. The Gong and other instruments are played in waves to bathe your body in sound which washes over you and on most occasions send you drifting into a deep meditative state, helping you unwind, soothing and relaxing your mind, body and spirit.  The sound and vibrations of the gong are powerful and occasionally the smaller gongs, chimes and bells will be played around and over your body.


When the Gong Bath ends, other instruments such as chimes are played.  We then take a few minutes of silence before we begin to return from a deeply relaxed state.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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