Online & Telephone Counselling

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Online Counselling

Online working has become very popular and offered a safer way to work during the Covid 19 crisis.  Working online or on the phone,  can be just as effective as face to face sessions and makes counselling and accessing support easier in these difficult times.  As long as you have somewhere private to sit for our appointments, you can fit your sessions around your work or childcare, from your own front room or even parked safely in your car.

  • Counselling is easier to access as geographical location and transport are not a problem.  You can work with a therapist who you feel you could connect with even if you are hundreds, or thousands of miles apart.
  • It saves time and money which is needed to travel to the therapist.
  • You have more control of how and where your therapy takes place.
  • Your therapy takes is in a place you feel most comfortable and when we are relaxed it is easier to explore and share.
  • Appointments are less disruptive to your daily routine as you do not have to go anywhere and everyday life can continue on in the background.
  • There are theories which say the “true self” is more likely or quicker to appear that face to face.  The more open you are, the more you can get from therapy.
  • Online counselling can be a stepping stone to therapy for many isolating conditions like social anxiety disorder, OCD, agoraphobia, and self-image problems.

I am trained to a high standard to work safely Online and I am a fully qualified Cyber Therapist having studied with OTI, the Online Therapy Institute obtaining 80 plus hours of specialist training.

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Working online is not suitable for everyone.  You will need to make sure you can ensure privacy, confidentiality and be uninterrupted during the session.  When you visit a therapist in a consulting room, they can safeguard the privacy and confidentiality.  It is important you consider that you will you be able to work in a safe place, with no distractions.

People come to counselling for many reasons from struggling with loss or unexpected change, anxiety or feeling unable to cope etc.  Unfortunately, not all issues can be explored or resolved with remote counselling and I will recommend and advise you if I feel face to face counselling, or other type of support would be of more benefit to you.  I will help you with a more suitable referral or alternative resource.  Remote counselling is very useful to people who have busy lives, have transport or mobility difficulties or would like to be in their own space.  Working in this way can help to bring a stronger focus to the issue without any other distractions.

Guidelines for emergency contact

Remote/Online counselling cannot provide an emergency service.     

Emergencies or strong suicidal feelings or thoughts need urgent attention, please contact:-    telephone 116 113  text 85258  telephone 0300 123 3393

or please contact your local emergency services.