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Continuing Professional Development for 2020/2021

Jan 2021     2 hrs    Whiteness – A Problem for our Time  Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust

Dec 2020    BACP Conference ONLINE

Nov 2020    12 hrs   Ongoing      Psycho-spiritual and Therapeutic Shamanism with Christa Mackinnon ONLINE

Nov 2020    3.5 hrs   Suicide Intervention Training with Harmless in conjunction with Herts CC ONLINE

Nov 2020     2.5 HRS   Walk in the Wild. Working with Clients Outside with Alison Priestman  ONLINE

Oct 10,17 & 24     4 hrs   The Conference for Consciousness & Human Evo.  How science has investigated and validated seven spiritual practices with Rupert Sheldrake

11, 25 Sept & 9, 23 Oct  8 hrs   How to be a Bad Therapist Series 2  (Ethics/Power. Intimacy. Wilderness/Power in the room) with Nick Totton & Allison Priestman. ONLINE

6 August 2020    1 hr    Working with Trauma that has become stuck with Carolyn Spring   ONLINE

20 July 2020        2 hrs    Considering issues of trauma and coping arising from the COVID-19 pandemic with Surrey Counselling Training. ONLINE

16 July 2020        1 hr   Calming the Anxious Brain – 3 Essential Strategies.  Catherine Pitman PHd   PESI   ONLINE

15 May, 26 June, 10 July 6 hrs Total  How to be a Bad Therapist  Series 1. (Client work in pandemic.  Ethics/Power. Politics with Nick Totton & Allison Priestman ONLINE

16, 17 & 20 July     20 hrs  Intro to Theory & Practice of Compassion Focussed Therapy with Dr Chris Irons and Dr Shelley Kerr.    The Compassionate Mind Foundation ONLINE

6 July 2020     2hrs    Considering issues of loss and bereavement arising from the COVID-19 pandemic with Surrey Counselling Training  ONLINE

19 & 20 June   12 hrs  Internal Family Systems (IFS).  Step-by-Step Procedures for Healing Traumatic Wounds & Alleviating Anxiety Depression, Trauma, Addiction & More with Lexi Rothman PhD  PESI ONLINE.

18 June 2020      1 hr     CBT for Anxiety & Depression – 3 essential strategies related to CV19 epidemic with Johnathan Ludgate PhD  PESI ONLINE .

13 & 20 June 2020      6 hrs   A Study in Trauma and Somatic Memory with Dr Janina Fisher PhD CONFER  ONLINE

16 June 2020  1 hr Internal Family Systems (IFS).  Essentials for working with anxiety, substance misuse and trauma exacerbated by CV19 epidemic    Lexi Rothman PhD   PESI ONLINE .

12 June 2020      5 hrs   Boarding School Syndrome. The Psychological Trauma of “Privileged” Children with Joy Schaverien NScience ONLINE

3 June 2020         3.5 hrs    Post-Slavery Syndrome: Exploring The Clinical Impact Of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade With Module Speakers: Wayne Mertins-Brown, Eugene Ellis, Judy Ryde, Dr Aileen Alleyne, Foluke Taylor, Robert Downes, Lennox Thomas (1952-2020),   CONFER  ONLINE

2 June 2020         1.5 hrs   Working with Trauma in a time of trauma.   Carolyn Spring  ONLINE

29 May 2020      2.5 hrs Bringing Embodiment Online with Allison Priestman ONLINE

7 May 2020         1 HR  The Body Keeps the Score – Trauma Defined  with Bessel van der Kolk   ONLINE.

15 April – Aug 2020    80 HRS Certified Cyber Therapist Training with The Online Therapy Institute  ONLINE

.14 April 2020      9 HRS   Going Online in Times of Crisis with  Dr Kate Anthony . The Online Therapy Institute  ONLINE

April – May 2020        6.5 hrs   A Master Class for Healers with  Gabor Mate   Wholehearted. ONLINE

April 2020   4.5 hrs   The CONFER Coronavirus Series of Online  Interviews with Alice Waterfall.  Guest speakers Doris Brothers, Graham Music, Stephen Porges, Joy Schaverien,Janina Fisher, Pierre Cachia, Roz Carroll and Elaine Aron. ONLINE

March 2020   2.5 hrs   Tributes to Lennox Thomas with CONFER ONLINE

18 March 2020   2 hrs    Coronavirus – Considering our Responses and Responsibilities with Online Events  ONLINE

1 Feb 2020       6 hrs   Working With Shame with Carolyn Spring. IN PERSON

5 Dec 2019      6 hrs Working with Relational Trauma and Disorganised atachment with Carolyn Spring   ONLINE