CPD 2021

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Continuing Professional Development for 2021

Jan 2021     2 hrs    Whiteness – A Problem for our Time  Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust

Mar 2021     3.5 hrs      The Good Grief Channel Summit.  Michael Rosen in Conversation with Julia Samuels.  David Kessler in Conversation and David Kessler Finding Meaning in Death

                     2 hrs         Online Events. Windy Dryden – Anxiety & Single Session Therapy.

Apr 2021       6 hrs         Essential Therapy Training. Dr Sherrie All – Dementia Critical Updates. 

May 2021      2.5 hrs      Surrey Counselling Training.  Tony Buckley – Therapeutic Presence and the Relational Space between us.

Confer.  Silence and Space.  The Healing Power of Mindfulness in the Psychotherapy Session.   Eugine Ellis, Siobhan McGee, Dr Maria Pozzi Monzo